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23rd October 2010, 01:35 PM
http://l.yimg.com/i/ng/sh/carenthu/20101022/12/368053001-airbag-cyclists-created.jpg?x=273&y=209&q=80&sig=fQBh9cJ7MsWfnEjBlCpWsg-- A team of Swedish industrial design students have developed an airbag for cyclists. Known as the Hvvding, the device is an airbag collar that activates in the event of an impact and surrounds the head and neck of the cyclist.

Hvvding roughly translates as 'chieftain' in English and was designed over six years.

A small helium gas cylinder makes the collar inflate in 0.1 seconds and it remains in that state for several seconds after the initial impact. Sensors detect a sudden jolt and deploy the airbag when necessary.

Production has not yet been confirmed, but designer Anna Haupt said that she hoped to see the Hvvding in shops across Europe by spring next year. The first models will cost around 260.

The colour of the collar can also be altered to match the outfit that the cyclist is wearing and it is deemed to be much more fashionable than a conventional helmet.

The designers claim to have tested all typical movements made by cyclists and said that the airbag did not deploy even under emergency braking and during evasive manoeuvres.