View Full Version : I Am Ready To Promote Ghanaian Music-Ded Buddy

15th March 2012, 01:55 PM
Ded Buddy, one of Ghana's most sensational R&B artistes, has declared his readiness to take Ghanaian music to another level with his current album titled ' Mipe Wo Saa' .

Known in private life as Eric Turkson, Ded Buddy, who established his presence in the hiplife industry over a decade ago, has changed his name from Ded Buddy to Qweci.

He is a seasoned, spirit-filled artiste who usually sweeps audiences off their feet whenever he mounts the stage to perform.

Being classified as the best Akan R&B singer, Qweci, in the early 1990s, translated Boyz II Men's 'I'll make love to You' into Akan and this caught the attention of many fans.

Qweci told BEATWAVES that although he was still young, his main aim was to reach the top of the ladder, and make it to the international music market.

He has successfully and skilfully blended elements of hiphop beats with hiplife to create extremely electrifying music to be released soon. His album has the potential of becoming a big hit, considering how it has gained public appeal.

He disclosed that as a music icon with a good track record, he did not believe in releasing just any album for public consumption, noting that what was important was for the songs on his album to make an impact on the music scene in Ghana.

He was optimistic that his style of play, coupled with the fact that most of his songs were fused with hiphop and traditional rhythms, would take him places.

One feature about Qweci's songs which cannot be easily over-looked are the lyrics and good choruses, as well as arrangements, instrumentation and sound quality. Most of the songs on his current album are mid-tempo with good beats. The instrumentation as well as the backing vocalists make the songs unique.

A number of his colleagues and friends used to call him buddy music because his voice was beyond description.

Qweci, who has not relented in his pursuit to make a difference in the Ghana music scene, told BEATWAVES 'I am more determined to use the songs on my current album to change and transform lives of many. My passion for music is very strong and I am happy that my new album is making an impact on the music scene. I love music and I intend to take Ghanaian music to the international level'.

He hinted that as a Ghanaian music star living in the States, it was his duty to help promote Ghanaian music and culture to the outside world, adding, 'I am ready to promote Ghanaian music on the international music scene'.

In 1990, together with Eddie Blay, Tiny Quaye and Jake, Ded Buddy formed a group called NFL. Exposure gained in NFL led him to perform for Stevie Wonder during Panafest 1994. He also performed at many other events.

His music prowess led to an invitation by former President Rawlings to perform at the first-ever peace concert organized in Accra. He was also invited to sing at a Miss Ghana event.

Encouraged by friends and family, Ded Buddy released his first hit album and he became a household name because fans related easily to his music.

By George Clifford Owusu