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13th July 2010, 11:17 PM
I have been very pessimistic of affairs of the heart. I allowed someone to penetrate me as if he was dissecting me. He scorned my mental. The scar is internal. I still love him though. Diagnosis terminal. Game Over!!!

Fashion Yaa
9th October 2010, 03:23 AM
oh no you didn't. girl where did this come from: reminds me of a summary about the USSR writer Dostoevsky. O cont re, painful shi t

9th October 2010, 11:02 PM
it came from me Fashion Yaa.. i've been writing poetry my whole life..even performing spoken word at open mics

Fashion Yaa
10th October 2010, 04:43 AM
I knew it, well I congratulate you cause Dostoeyvsky is one of my favorite and his genre of writing is rare. You are unique in your style keep it up, maybe one day you can share one of your spoken word video viral.

You know what, I wonder if Ghana has spoken word cafe's?

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
10th October 2010, 09:03 PM
Naana,I studied Fyodor Dostoeyvsky's Crime and Punishment and Poor Folk. I gotta tell ya, i hated it. But after tackling The Double,my perception about the man and his work changed. I may not be his biggest fan,however he has my respect. LOL his style aggravated my dyslexia and other conditions i never knew i had....LOL

Chanty,you got me at the penetration and dissection lol. you need to post your stuff from your website,i mean your material set to music.
I like your work,short but loaded.

12th October 2010, 06:20 AM
Bro, same here, i have a lot of respect for Dostoeyvsky. Crime and Punishment was a hard read but it was worth the effort - an extraordinary feat of literary accomplishment. I haven't been able to tackle "The Brothers Karamov" , hopefully soon. And, Chant, you should continue writing poetry.