View Full Version : Actress Juliet Ibrahim Advice Marriage Couples

11th March 2012, 05:32 PM
Although the world’s premier health organization, the World Health Organization has rated tobacco as the second major cause of death in the world, many musicians and movie stars in Ghana take it for granted without any caution.

In recent times, the use of tobacco drugs has become one issue which has gained media and the public attention but with less response.

In a chat with Juliet, one of Ghana’s top actress she revealed to the media that she has nothing to do with drugs and will not be happy to be discussing drug abuse. She added that as a role model, the only thing she can say about the issue of drugs and the use of drugs in the media is that she will never associate herself in any drug dealings even if she is being paid billions.

Talking about why it has taken her a long time for fans to see her in any of the latest movies in the market, she stated that “it`s not as if am not shooting or not getting scripts. I shot many movies last year but the movies didn’t come out because the producers in Ghana went on break with movie releases. Now that they have opened the flood gates for movies to be released, I am sure my fans will see more of my movies I shot last year and even this year” she said

Talking about her relationship with the media as she was some years back involved in some controversial saga with a top Ghanaian/Nigerian Journalist(Attractive), she responded that she now tries to ignore negative stories in the media although she doesn’t like bad press. She urged the media to cross check all information before putting them out for public usage.

Juliet, who officially entered the Ghanaian movie industry in 2005, added that she doesn’t have problems with playing minor roles in movies because she is a professional script writer and understands movie making. “I am not selective when it comes to taking roles to perform in movies” she added.

As a married actress, we asked her if she has any advice to give to couples or people who are getting into marriage. She lamented that in every marriage, there are problems while advising that anytime there is a problem in any marriage, both partners should try their possible best to listen to each other, have good communication and the problems will be resolved as cool as possible for peace to prevail.

Source: Mustapha Ayinde Inusah/Nigeriafilms.com