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21st October 2010, 05:07 AM
Some frequent habits of ours can be detrimental to our health. Whereas the effect may be mild, yet some can have serious consequences. What are some of your habits? You need to know if its harmful to your health or probably insignificant. I know i used to pick my nose when i was younger, and i probably still do unwittingly. Unfortunately for me too i usually make contact with my eyes afterward. I realized I was developing what they called angular conjunctivitis where the corner of my eyes itched a lot! its common, because what i did was i was introducing a bacteria called Moraxella axenfeld which thrives in my nasal cavity right into my eyes, and that caused me a lot of discomfort. i had to undergo behaviour modification just to rid myself of that chronic condition. Maybe you may have a habit that may be causing you discomfort that you are unaware of!

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
21st October 2010, 05:45 AM
I'm an Onychphagiac,which led to many bouts of Paronychia (not the herpetic kind). Nervousness and seldom absent mindedness is what generally gets me into the habit. Over the years i have somewhat gotten over the problem by applying transparent nail varnish on my nails,the smell of the acetone discourages me from this bad habit although i've succumbed to the urge sometimes.

29th October 2010, 04:28 PM
'Nail biting' occurs in a lot more of the population than we think. It is a habit that develops very early, and as most habits picked up from childhood, it is difficult to do away with. Mostly, psychological treatment is mostly employed to attain the kind of behavioral modifications that help 'minimize' the habit rather than promote it. Certain habits like thumbsucking are quickly taken care of at birth by conditioning, as u are doing to yourself, but the better results are achieved when the individual is still a baby. The discomfort of having to taste bitter non-toxic chemicals on its fingers serves as a deterrent, and the habit dies over time. But in your case, 15% of conditioning has worked with adults, which reveals the difficulty of completely eradicating the habit. But, periodic conditioning does help to prevent it, but the craving will mostly still be there. And am sure your (kaka) or what is technically known as PARONYCHIA should be enough to deter you from the continual habit. Aside Paronychia, there are other serious infections you might get, like nematodic infestations in your digestive tract, though easily treatable with even obscure drugs like albendazole and mebendazole, but be sure not to take the risk. I was a habitual nail biter myself, till I had a severe infection which made me lose a nail. The pain was so unbearable during my time of sufferring, I swore never to do it again, and chastised myself for being an idiot. lol. That helped a lot, but you dont have to go through that just to prevent the habit. I suggest you keep a nail file or clippers handy so instead of using your teeth, you can always clip those nail tips off. I know i like the sound the clipping makes!!