View Full Version : How Sarkodie Changed his life With Just One Rhyme!

4th March 2012, 05:07 PM
Let the drums roll from across the world because the king of music cometh near.Michael Kwesi Owusu Addo is his name and by my estimation the best thing to have happened to GH music.I tried to compile his best songs for this write-up but could not come to terms with which was clear best.Reason:Sarkodie always does good songs.Put that Eagle on your song and I bet you,he will take the shine away from you and all you will hear in town is “Sarkodie featuring You(the song owner)”.

Money makes the world go round we all say,the government isn't helping we all wail but Sarkodie did not wait to be paid an ex-gratia to make it in life.He went into his inner self and found himself a profession.This is how 'Obidi made it with just one rhyme'; Obidi,Stay J,Yaa Pono,Dr. Cryme,Kwahiata da Vyper and the whole Tema rap crew were regular guests on Adom Fm's 'Kasahari level' then hosted by Dr. Duncan(His proficient manager now).These determined young guys always dropped their lines while they were hot every Saturday evening.We listened and enjoyed them on our sets every other week without thinking about how they even got money to record their 'Demos'.I usually heard 'One time for your mind, Sarkodie obidipong atwi ni ti'.A phrase which has been replaced with 'you know say money no be problem'.

Ok! Back to the story; Ace Producer, Hammer of The Last 2, A man well noted for bringing up young talents in a quest to bring out the best in that young man in his early twenties put Sarkodie on then upcoming rapper, Ayigbe Edem's (Now Edem) song 'Keva'.That was the defining moment for the guy who won the Artiste of the year award with his debut album 'Makye'. Sarkodie hasn't looked back since. 'Obidi midi mo ka, b) m)din dwini ho ansa na woa blow non-fa,nya mi ho adwin pa........'.This line on the 'keva' song, changed Sarkodie's life.No wonder he admitted in one of his songs that Hammer changed his life in just 2 seconds.

He shocked us with his rap.He introduced tongue-twisting and now we can all see the end result.12 GMA Nominations,5 GMA awards already, 3 4syte Video Awards and counting.......I, Just like many other showbiz pundits will be shocked if Sarkodie does not bag the 'Artiste of the year' money this year.

While we keep our fingers crossed and see how things will turn up, my fervent prayer is that 'Sarkodie never dies' just like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.May his legacy live on.

Thumbs up to That Eagle 'Saa Okodie No'.
By:Mawuli Pomary.