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2nd March 2012, 04:38 PM
Ghanaian model Joycelyn Nketia is one of the young models who are gradually taking Ghana fashion and modeling industry to the next level through their tireless efforts.

She has been around for a while and her catwalk on several runways and bigger stages has made her popular among her peers. She has also appeared in several commercials including one for Coca Cola.
Joycelyn shares her experience as a model with NEWS-ONE and says modeling goes beyond just walking on a runway.

“Oh no, modeling is not just about walking and twisting your body on stage or runway. Like your profession, where they rules, we also have rules or procedures “There is editorial modeling which is just pictures. There is body part modeling which involves using just the body parts to take pictures.

For example, you see pictures of a hand wearing a ring in a magazine. It is a lot. It is not just about the runway.” However, when it came to runway catwalks, she said, there were rules involved. “Of course, there are rules involved. Women have to move like a cat and move their hips a lot while guys walk a bit straight.

That’s why it is good learn how to model. It is not just walking on the runway,” Joycelyn told NEWS-ONE yesterday. Currently in charge at Exopa Modeling Agency as the CEO, Joycelyn’s only ambition over the years was to surpass the height her predecessors on the international scene had attained. She is so crazy about international model Naomi Campbell because she inspired her.

Joycelyn’s mother hails from Cape Coast and her dad from Axim. She is the only child. Her father passed away a few years ago. She had greater part of her basic and secondary education at Takoradi. She started at the Top Ridge basic school and then proceeded to the Sekondi College where she read general arts.

When she relocated to Accra, she enrolled at the Trans-Africa College to study journalism but she couldn’t complete the course. She hopes to continue at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) very soon. Currently she is studying at IPMC. “I actually wanted to become a journalist. I grew up always watching newscasters on TV and I admired how they talked when giving the news.

So I always say one day I will become like the newscasters so that others too would also look at me. So I tried to imitate the news-readers and eventually started speaking like them,” she said.
Asked how she got into modeling, she said, “I was a very skinny girl in school and everybody looked at me and called me Miss Ghana.

As a result, every school I attended, I participated in every pageant the school organized. I did Miss Top Ridge, Miss Sekondi College and Miss Trans-Africa College. I went on to contest the Model of the Universe pageant in 2004. It was after that contest that I started modeling. That is how it all began.”

Source: News One