View Full Version : Nana Boroo, SK Blinks Back Again

2nd March 2012, 04:36 PM
Unconfirmed reports say Nana Boroo and SK Blinks have settled their differences and have finished working on a project to be released very soon.

Nana Boroo and SK Blinks made news in the past after the release of the hit song, ‘Ahayede’. Blinks said he recorded ‘Ahayede’ four years ago at a studio in Odorkor in Accra but Boroo pleaded with him that they remake it.

“The beat was unfinished when I reached studio…I ordered all the instrumentation, and sang the ‘Ahayede’ chorus right in the studio, and a verse; after 15minutes, I was done,” Ghanaweb quoted him.
He added that after recording his chorus, he (SK Blinks) was persuaded to add a verse to the chorus, which he did after a little hesitation.

He said after he completed his verse and chorus, he stepped out of the studio to get some water, but to his utmost surprise, he returned to be told Nana Boroo had left. He quickly tried reaching Boroo on his cell phone, but it was also switched off. SK said he did not set eyes on Boroo again until after the song started playing on air.

Somewhere last year, SK Blinks came out publicly to say he was hauling Boroo to an Accra court over a copyright brouhaha between them.
The reason for the lawsuit was a bit sketchy at the time but a source said Boroo included Blink’s voice in his new song for a malaria project without his consent. After the lawsuit claims, SK went on radio and swore that he would make sure Nana Boroo was arrested.

His management stated categorically that it would ensure Nana Boroo was arrested, sent to court and imprisoned for at least 3years.
SK Blink told Happy FM on Saturday that he had forgiven Boroo for ‘stealing’ the Ahayede song; however, he wanted answers to why his voice was used on the new malaria song without his permission.

Manager David Sylvester said on the show that they contacted somebody from Boroo’s camp (name withheld) to meet with his management to find a lasting solution to the problem at stake.

However, he warned that Boroo had not done the right thing so his management would make sure that they dealt with him to serve as a deterrent to others. While that was happening, Boroo was not in the country as he was then cruising in America.

Source: News One