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29th February 2012, 11:34 PM
These days it is risky for an individual to board a bus and then purchase reload cards from hawkers to reload ones cell phone.

It is becoming a phenomenon that anytime one purchase credit, it is either the code of the voucher which is invalid or a passenger sitting next by who will quickly crane his or her neck and reload his or her phone with the voucher number rendering the real purchaser a loser.

According to Aunti Aggie, a victim, she was on a bus from “Tsui Bleoo” a suburb of Accra and suffered from this practice. She got to know it when a passenger on the bus told her that another passenger had been faster than her by reloading her credit rendering her voucher invalid.
Another victim, Mr. Nkrumah also encountered the same problem when he was on his way home in a bus.

He said he bought the voucher and when he decided to load it, he noticed a gentlemen sitting close to him and was giving him a keen look but he was not bothered because he was busy loading the code of the voucher onto his phone.

But as smart as the gentlemen was, he was able to load it before he did.
Mr. Nkrumah also said he called his network’s helpline and was told the card he already been used.

Source: The Ghanaian Times