View Full Version : Kwesi Pratt Wades Into Religious Controversy: Recital Of Prayers Is Unconstitutional

29th February 2012, 11:33 PM
Managing Editor for the Insight newspaper Kwesi Pratt Junior has taken a swipe at the manner in which some religious bodies impose their beliefs on others.

Mr. Pratt described the development as the highest mark of intolerance which is capable of causing wars and divisions in the country.


Kwesi Pratt was reacting to a Christian prayer said by a student to officially launch the Students Representation Council (SRC) Week celebrations of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) on Monday.

The student is reported to have said that anybody who does not accept the Father (God) and his wisdom, anything he/she does is foolish.

Mr. Pratt described such comments as “extreme intolerance”. “There cannot be only one path to economic salvation, or Christian salvation……What makes people think that their chosen path is the only path to salvation?

He went further to describe as unconstitutional, the practice where the State even said Christian Prayers and pours libation at the same time.

“So if you go to public functions, state functions and so on, and the state pours libation and so on, and the same State goes on to recite Christian prayers, it is a complete violation of the spirit and letter of the 1992 Constitution”, he emphasised.

The senior journalist who was speaking on the theme; “Active participation of the youth in ensuring a peaceful election 2012”, called for the need for the citizenry to live to their responsibilities and protect the system of governance.

He urged the youth to stand up against electoral violence which are capable of destroying the unity and peaceful co-existence.

“I’m speaking against mindless violence calculated to intimidate the opponent, mindless violence calculated to steal the people’s sovereignty in order that a few people at the helm of affairs can continue to loot the resources of state and neglect the interests of the masses,” he stressed.

He said multiparty democracy is about difference and about choice, and must not result in intolerance which he described as a major problem in the politics of Ghana.

Source: Adom News