View Full Version : Open Letter To President Mills

29th February 2012, 12:34 AM
Dear President Mills,

It is worrying for many of us as young people of our great party NDC to have to write to you with apprehension and impetuousness but yet, you, as the leader of our party, have left us with little choice - if any at all - in using this approach.


I hope youíll pardon me if I donít choose my words well because I have no malice in my quest to write this letter to you - only good intentions for the NDC.

It has now become an open secret that there is deep division within the rank and file of the NDC party. At first many people in our party were pretending that all is well but now it is no longer possible to pretend about it, albeit we still have some people who are unbelievably pretending that all is well with the party.

Even the National Chairman of the NDC has had to confess the fact that he is running out of patience in a letter to your Excellency recently - a letter which you Mr. President donít seem to have paid much attention to.

The apathy and apprehension among NDC die-hard supporters has reached a crescendo. Weíre now waiting for the nemesis. And that is what we the supporters dread so much and wish to avoid by all means.

Mr. President, we know that all this while you have tried to maintain your independence as a president devoid of direct influence and control from the party founder and former president H.E Flt. Lt. J.J Rawlings. This we know is because of the perception prior to your election as president that youíll be remote-controlled by the party founder.

We also know that the opposition NPP succeeded in creating this perception which you unfortunately bought into without realizing how this had the potential to separate you from the party founder and for that matter, the grass roots supporters of the NDC who are largely inspired to move and take action by the former president.

As a result you have been very distant from the party founder since you assumed office. Some of your ministers of state have even questioned the status of the founder and so on. The party founder has been vilified and denigrated by people who call themselves NDC members all because you, Mr. President, want to prove to the opposition NPP that indeed youíre your own man.

Mr. President, It is my belief that you have proven enough that you are your own man as far as the former president and NDC founder is concerned. However, another perception - wrongfully or rightfully - has been created that youíre under the control of a Ďkitchen cabinetí led by the Ahwoi brothers.

Many think youíre not in-charge of your government and that in your attempt to separate yourself from the NDC founder, you have jumped rather from the frying pan into the fire.

At least, under the control and influence of the NDC founder, you can be sure of the full and unconditional support of the core and grass root supporters of the NDC.

However, under the influence and control of others like the Ahwois who have never won elections on their own, never been able to pull a crowd of supporters and never been able to inspire party followers out of apathy, youíre certainly doomed to electoral defeat with them on your side.

As for floating voters, forget about winning them now. Besides, these people who control you now have been associated with corruption in the past and present and can only take away from your electoral fortunes.

Your Excellency, many of us expected that after the presidential primaries in Sunyani, that all efforts would have been made on your part to bring all factions together. You made a promise yourself to unite the party for victory 2012. Since then, our expectations have been very high. We always knew that any bad NDC government is better than any NPP government.

Weíre not sure of that any longer because of your continual refusal to sit with the party founder and his wife to find a way forward for the NDC.

Recently when your Excellency met the press at the seat of government, you were asked about what youíre doing about the differences between yourself and the NDC party founder. You didnít only refuse to admit that there is a problem; you also said youíre waiting for the opportunity to meet with him to find out what differences there are.

Some of us were disappointed in your response Sir. We donít expect your Excellency to wait for the opportunity if indeed; you really think that the contribution of the party founder and his wife Nana Konadu Agyeman- Rawlings is important towards victory for the party in 2012.

Many are asking whether or not the party founder and former president will be campaigning for your government to retain power in 2012. Some of your appointees have insinuated that the founder and his wife are not needed at all to attain victory. Some of us disagree in the strongest terms.

And if some of us had the opportunity to advise the NDC founder and former president, we will ask that he does not campaign for the NDC to retain power. That way, Mr. president, you and all the people who have ignored his knowledge, wisdom, influence, experience and contributions will learn a lesson of life that you can never discard your father whiles heís still alive neither can you use him and discard him when elections are over and the power is in your hands.

It is only ten months to elections. The NDC is still at cross roads. Party elders are engaging in open warfare in the media. Party chairman is frustrated. The opposition has gained a moral high ground. They now call you corrupt and you canít reply.

Mr. President, I hope youíre prepared to take all the blame from the grass roots of the party for all your inaction after an electoral defeat in December.

If not, then act now!


020 465 7361