View Full Version : Socrates Safo: “Ban Anybody Who Uses Drugs”

28th February 2012, 03:39 PM
In the wake of soul singer Efya Awindor’s bold decision to disclose publicly that she smokes cigarettes, Film Producer and CEO of Movie Africa, Socrates Safo thinks it’s a bad habit and that anybody who smokes cigarettes or uses any kind of drugs in the entertainment industry in Ghana must be banned.

Since news came out that the “Little Things” singer, has refuted allegations that she uses drugs but admitted that she only smokes cigarettes, on National Television, there has been mixed reactions in the media, showbiz circles and from her fans all over the world.

Female singer and dancer, Akosua Agyapong who sees her as a daughter, descended heavily on her on radio and vowed to talk to her and make sure she stops smoking cigarettes immediately.

Now, “Hot Fuck” Producer, Socrates Safo said Efya and any other showbiz personality who is involved with any sought of bad habit must be sidelined.

Speaking during a hot discussion on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review”, Socrate said a committee or a board should be set up involving representatives of people from all sectors of the entertainment industry i.e. Actors, Musicians, Radio and Television Presenters among others to check and discipline the stars if they go wayward.

“I feel we have a responsibility and a better way to deal with such issues. As an industry, the issue of drug usage is coming up some say its cigarettes others are mentioning other drugs. So if there are some people using drugs in the entertainment industry, what are we doing as an industry to stop them from using it and stop them from influencing others”, Socrates asked.

When host Kwasi Aboagye asked Socrates what exactly he expects the industry to do to such persons, he said “If there is anybody in the industry who uses any form of drugs and we all know or see the person, it is not a matter of sitting on radio to discuss. We have to find a way of sidelining these persons to stop them from infecting all of us with their bad habit”.

He said if we all believe smoking or drug usage is not good and day in day out it is killing great talented personalities, then any showbiz personality who uses any form of drugs should be sidelined to help the young ones from going into it and to help those who are already in to stop.

Socrates who is also the Public Relations Officer for the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) said if someone decides to smoke and the person is warned to stop and he or she continues the bad behavior he or she must be sidelined. So if everybody in the industry stops dealing with the person and he or she does not have money anymore, they will change.

Socrates is member of the Film Regulatory Board (FRB), the board responsible for sidelining of actress Yvonne Nelson for one year and actors Kofi Adjorlolo and Ekow Smith Asante for two years among others. He said the institution of the FRB has brought some order and respect in the movie industry so it should replicated in whole industry.

“When there was indiscipline in the film industry, we all saw the action FRB took and the results of that action. Anybody in the film industry will attest to the fact that there is some discipline on set as to how producers behave towards artistes and vice versa because we took that action”.

All the other panel members with the exception of Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, on the show including; Acting GHAMRO chairman Carlos Sakyi, Journalist and entertainment critic Whitney Boakyi Mensah and MUSIGA executive Rex Omar took him on and disagreed with him vehemently but Socrates insisted that if we want to bring sanity and positive attitude in our stars, that is the only way.

He intimated that we all know those who use drugs in the industry, so we should stop being hypocrites, and say things as they are and deal with issues head on. “Don’t let us entertain and encourage these things and hail these people, use them as role models highlight them and promote them”, he emphasized

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.com/Ghana