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17th October 2010, 09:45 AM
In 2001, when Ghanaian beauty and screen diva, Jackie Appiah decided to start a career in the make-believe world, little did the sexy mother of one know she would be celebrated not only in Ghana but also in Nigeria.

Nine years down the line, Jackie, who got married four years ago, is relishing her incursion into the Ghanaian movie industry. ďMy first lead role was in Divine Love but I would say I got more popular with my first acting role in the award winning sitcom, Things We Do For Love as Eyeonam.

Back then I was so slim and whenever they repeat it on TV and I watch it, I just laugh because then I had a long neck. It was a lovely production and Iím glad I took part in it,Ē she began.

Jackie was born in Canada in December 1983. According to her colleagues and fans in Ghana, she readily puts up a sterling performance, synonymous with the performance that won her an AMAA as the Best Supporting Actress in the flick, Beyonce. Her diligence has won her not only laurels, accolades and fans but also endorsement deals, which include as Glo ambassador.

In her words: ďIt has not been easy but I remain highly committed to the work and try as much as possible to give my best so the fans can appreciate whatever I do. Itís also true that Iím a Glo ambassador and itís so good that I was chosen. Iím honoured because itís a beautiful thing. Itís a good thing and for them to consider me as an ambassador, to be a role model, to preach the gospel about Glo, I feel so great,Ē the soft-spoken beauty said.

Though she wouldnít want to say anything about her husband or son, she said that her family is so close and caring that she canít stop loving them.

ďMy family gives me all the encouragement I need in all my endeavours and theyíve been very understanding and supportive throughout the years. My family is always there when I need them; my husband and son are very close and dear to me and we are coping very well by the special grace of God,Ē was her terse reply.

Jackie, who attended Faith Montessori and Alvad College in Ghana, repeatedly said that she would not give any room for acting **** as it does not tally with her God-fearing background.

ďI canít do that, you know there are some films you do that you have to make love or something like that, but I wonít act ****, I canít just do that. I come from a God-fearing family and I canít do that. I canít expose myself to the whole world even with a beautiful body I donít want that,Ē she said emphatically.

Disclosing her growing up years, the 27-year-old actress maintained that relocating to Ghana from Canada made her more reserved and disciplined.

ďI was really a wild child while growing up. I think back then I wasnít shy. I was a tomboy, but when I moved to Ghana, I became more reserved and more disciplined. I donít know why but while growing up, things changed. In life when you are growing up, you become more disciplined but most importantly, I grew up in a God-fearing family,Ē she disclosed.

Jackie, who maintained that she is a shy individual but turns another individual when she is on before the camera said she feels so much at home with her Nigerian counterparts because they all take her like a sister.

ďIím a shy person but once the cameras roll and the director says action, then a whole different being comes in and that is the Jackie Appiah that people see on the screen.

ďIn Nigeria, I see my colleagues in the industry as my brothers and sisters. I respect them a lot and they always make sure Iím as comfortable as possible when Iím in Nigeria and that makes me feel at home. Iím just a free person naturally, Iím a down-to-earth person. Being in Nigeria is as if Iím back home in Ghana,Ē she reeled out.

Jackie was in Nigeria recently where she picked up awards at the just concluded City People Entertainment awards for the best Ghanaian and African actress.

BBoy T
17th October 2010, 06:02 PM
Whatever. if she wont do **** scenes others will. Thank you !

20th October 2010, 02:53 PM
hahahahaa... BBoy T.....hope you not taking it personal.........lol. The lady doesn't want to act *** scenes, she has the right to say it and she is entitled to it as well.