View Full Version : Efya To Premiere New Video Soon

15th February 2012, 12:23 AM
Singer Efya is expected to bring fresh style to music videos in Ghana as she prepares to release the new video for her single, ‘A Moment Notice’.

“The video comes out in about a week. Just hope for the best,” manager Kwesi David told NEWS-ONE. Behind-the-scenes footages of the video were released about a week ago, and from them, Efya is really serving something unique that is likely to garner worldwide attention.


It promises a lot of interesting visuals for music video lovers and Efya’s large fan base. Efya’s good voice, stage command and stage presence are things to watch out for in the video.

The shoot wrapped up about three weeks ago. Its locations included Dei Center at Tesano and Taverna Tropicana pub, off the Ring Road in Accra.
The concept of the video is based on the emotions of a young man in love. He enters a pub, sees framed photo of Efya and starts to hallucinate. In a moment, the photo turns into Efya on stage.

The full details of the video story will however be out when the video hits the big screens. Efya is a legendary singer in the making and her upcoming video is the first of a series of things to happen to her music career. There are other videos to follow.

Her upcoming album is almost ready and will be out in April. There is also an upcoming nationwide tour, which is still in its planning stages.

Source: Francis Addo/News One