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15th February 2012, 12:04 AM
Honestly, folks, I've been wondering if I am the only person who is confused and cannot understand how Woyome allegedly defrauded the state.

Reading through the jumble of information from government sources, including the EOCO Report, correspondences published by the press, and the tons of verbiage by self proclaimed judges and moralists who have poured out their venom on Woyome and all associated with him, I am still left puzzled how and where fraud emanated from. Maybe I might have missed something due to the information deluge, with so much dissonance in it. So I am writing this to seek some clarity.


Methinks, if you file a case in court, believing in your rights as it were, and you won the case in the face of equally competent legal experts before a judge, or in this case when the defence threw in the towel, believing that they have a weak case, how can that be a fraud? If his claims were fraudulent, then it behoves upon the court to throw it out after the defence had shown stiff opposition and defence.

If the defence claimed they had a weak case and did not defend and negotiated a settlement, how can that be fraud on the part of the plaintiff? Payment to the wife of the Chief State Attorney? Naaw! A smart person can explain that: we were planning a business venture together! Tall tale? OK, in Ghana, we all know that plaintiffs and defenders alike and seekers of public services show “appreciation” for services well rendered. It is a pervasive part of the Ghanaian conundrum.

So the payment could be an honest show of appreciation for the way and manner the Chief State Attorney handled the case expediously. But if the “weak case” claim was just a contrived and dubious copping out by the senior officials of the Attorney General’s Dept, in tacit collusion with Woyome, then I expect not only Chief State Attorney Neequaye-Tetteh and his wife to be under arrest and so charged.

The A-G herself and her assistant, Barton Oduro, must also be in the dock for collusion and abetment of a “gargantuan crime” against the state! Or, have they claimed that they were fooled by Neequaye-Tetteh? With such a big sum involved and they never bothered to review the papers for themselves before going on the debt collection mission for Woyome? Were they so daft that they thought they could pull off such a rip off without detection in the future? I pray, if indeed they acted in collusion, then I put it to you that is one more solid evidence to support my hypothesis that idiotic thieves and morons have been ruling us!

Then, another puzzle. Some said there was no contract but we have read several times mentions of a contract being signed! They also said the alleged non-existent contract was not in Woyome's name ( ha! so there was a contract after all!) and hence he couldn't claim, but that is a porous argument, as obviously, Waterville and the other parties in Austria had given him power of attorney to collect the 2% fee for financial structuring of the loans that did not eventually materialise.

Woyome in his own press statement claimed that 1% of the money he collected was to go to the Austrian consortium. But the consortium withdrew from the deal, they said, but was it after the illegal and unconscionable abrogation of the contract by Kuffour personally, just as many other contracts were unceremoniously and recklessly terminated by his regime at great cost to the nation, or before? Clarity, fellow Ghanaians, clarity!

I haven’t read anywhere that any documents presented by Woyome were forged, so I presume the letters of authority he presented from Waterville and whoever were genuine ones. So if there is no claim to be made, as claims have been made that Waterville had already been paid by the Kufour regime for the abrogation of the contract and for work already done, especially at El-Wak, should the owners of Waterville and the Austrian consortium not be hauled to court too? I have gleaned that Woyome was their errand man. Or, am I wrong? I need some explanation here. I beg!

A lot of hot air is being blown over this case but I am not excited by it at all. Maybe it is because I am used to the gargantuan ripping off of Ghana since the early 1960s to the really, massive losses Ghana is taking now due to the unconscionable oil block sell outs under the shameful C19th mercantile trade-like agreements our brain dead and egoistic “leaders” have formulated, for the dubious assigning of their cronies to the oil companies as local partners and whatever bribes they are getting. Makes total judgement debts paid so far puny in comparison! But most Ghanaians seem to be totally oblivious to this fact! It is indeed pathetic to be “developing people”! So when are Ghanaians going to reach the mentality of developed people?

BTW, can someone locate the news article in which Betty Mould boasted of payments of judgement debts resulting from the NPP's actions as one of her achievements? She claimed she had saved the state many millions by re-negotiating such debts. That was last year, when she was still the A-G. And to think that Rawlings and Konadu wanted such a woman to team up with Mills in 2008. Foisting two such disasters on us as President and the Vice! Wallahi!

Those of you close to Rawlings should tell him that he is screwed up and should stop trying to make decisional outputs on Ghana, as we don’t want any further disaster emanating from his judgement of persons, including that impostor Patrick Agboba he has been trying to impose on us Anlos as Awoamefia since 1999! Next time he should turn up in court to solidarise with him.

We all heaved a sigh of relief when my sister finally went on retirement from the A-G Dept. recently. We were counting the years, then the months and then the days! I know my even saying this small thing here will make her go into tantrums, she being the totally apolitical type who does not like to be drawn into anything political or controversial!

Source: Andy C.Y. Kwawukume