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13th February 2012, 08:57 PM
Unlike a lot of Nollywood marriages which are crumbling, actor Segun Arinze’s seems to be gaining more strength by the day.

The actor, according to Nollywood reports, has been celebrating his marriage in public by saying good things about his family, especially his wife.

“My wife is a wonderful person. We are having a great time together. Her sense of composure, her big smile, and her intellect attracted her to me. She is very intelligent. She is a lawyer. “This year, she will be 19 years in the Bar. She also appears at Supreme Court.

Segun Arinze and wife

Her father is a former Attorney General of Commissioner of Justice in old Imo State, Barrister Nsofor. She is very deep and never in a rush.

Before getting angry, she will analyse everything. In fact she is my adviser,” he was quoted by Nigeriafilms.com.

Speaking on how his wife handled some of the controversial stories that came his way as an actor, Segun said, “Initially she did not like them but she has learnt to know the truth.

What really convinced her were two stories that were written at a time; one was about her and she knew the real story.

Since then, she takes them with a pinch of salt. She has learnt to cope with it over time, it was a bit disturbing for her but these days when it happens, she just stays behind and says ‘do your thing’.

She is quite comfortable with it now. We enjoy each other’s company, we talk together and we are having the best times.

“Sometimes, she will send me texts to confirm a story on phone. Sometimes I tell her its trash. We live in the jet age now.”

However she is not his first wife. Arinze has an ex-wife who he refuses to talk about.
“About my ex-wife: Ann, no comment. Seriously, I need to respect my wife. That’s a closed chapter in my life. Ann is a wonderful actress and a great person. Please let’s leave it like that.”

Source: nigeriafilms.com