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9th February 2012, 01:35 AM
It is not a socially accepted norm for a slave to marry or have an affair with his master. Society frowns upon such acts but history is about to be made as Sagama and Alia take the bold step.

Alia is the only princess of Anaba land and Sagama, a slave in the kingdom; but the two are in love. What is considered a sacrilege in any royal kingdom is about to be committed. Even though Sagama is a favourite slave to his master the queen and his mother the queen's chief maiden, the queen will not agree to such union.

For a queen who takes pride in her kindred, a progeny that was to further buttress and entrench the kingship by getting married to a royal blood, her hopes get dashed when she discovers that Alia, her only daughter, is in love with a palace slave.

Sagama has been Alia's childhood friend in the kingdom and the two have grown to develop a strong bond for each other. But someone's destiny is about to be changed.

QUEENS PRIDE is an adventurous movie full of romance and basic lessons for everyone.

And as usual Multi TV's Cine Afrik is the first to bring it to your homes this weekend.

Cine Afrik channel manager, Nana Yaa Serwaa Sarpong says this weekend will not be complete without a bite of QUEENS PRIDE.

Viewers who do not have the Multi TV Digi box are not left out. You can be part of the fun this weekend and every weekend by looking for any Multi TV setup anywhere at public places and watch the movies FREE OF CHARGE.

It's on at 7pm this and every Saturday on Multi TV's Cine Afrik .

Join sensational premiere host Adwoa for a love filled weekend.

Multi TV, no monthly bills…just thrills.
Etornam Tsormey, Multi TV.