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1st February 2012, 07:19 PM
Every so often one of the former vices turns out to be good for you after all, at leasti in moderation. So far I have identified seven such categcories:

1. ---


It’s fascinating to note in this connection how we as a country are so hung up on ---, even to some facets of computer software. Mac’s well-established gratis habit of correcting one’s spelling without even flagging the word apparently extends to the “morality" of a word. When I typed “---” above the first time , Mac replaced it with three hyphens: ”---” as if I were about to reveal something dirty

Or does it have something to do with another meaning of the word in Ghanian

Psychological aspects of the issue:


2. Coffee

Te deus; fiat lux, I’d sure miss my morning libation


In all its forms?

4. Inflation

I’ve always found it remarkable that—especially in a recession as now—that signs of a decreasing inflation rate are considered portentous

5. Alcohol

There is a God. Anyone wishing to discuss exotic imported brews, I am dalehileman@me.com

6. Eggs

It’s done by the alteration of chickenfeed formula

7. Candy, sugar, sweets

Oh thank you Science, God, the Media for bringing it all forth

8. Sodomy

COURT OKS GAY MARRIAGE, Victorville, Ca Daily Press Feb. 8

Can Anyone contribute to above list

Edited to note with amusement how the massive incompetence of computer programmers in the field of editing is so forcefully demonstrated in this thread. Okay so “---” is a dirty word in Ghanian. Note however that the presence of quotes prevents it from being replaced


Edited once more to note that Mac is so confused about “---” that he replaces it in one place but not the other, then corrects his apparent mistake after submission. Computer programmers are the most confused lot in the entire Universe

Yet “sexx” is ok as in the first link above

But this is OT isn’t it

Getting back to usedtabe good…..