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13th October 2010, 05:30 PM
Confidence Haugen, CEO of Aphrodisiac Nite Club, has been topping news charts with her unusual sense of style and fashion.

http://img.modernghana.com/images/content3/204x_mg_bgw3aml88t_confidence.jpg photo of her dressed in a sexy bikini.

She is a very daring lady who has embraced the string of negative publicity surrounding her and continues to excel above her contemporaries in the nightclub business.

Confidence became a subject of celebrity scandals when the Ghanaian media started following reports that her love relationship with Hip Life artiste Ayibe Edem had hit the rocks and there was a misunderstanding over who had stolen a diamond-dotted mobile phone that cost a leg and an arm.

When the gossip died down, Ebenezer Anangfio's ghanacelebrities.com released an audio recording of what was said to be the voice of Confidence, begging Ayigbe Edem for a comeback. The authenticity of that recording has however not been proven.

Her club, Aphrodisiac, continues to grab one award after another despite the fact that the club has had its fair share of negative press.

In the heat of the debate over the said audio recording in which Confidence allegedly begged Ayibge Edem, the Ewe rapper issued a press release which we reproduce below, unedited:

I have decided to come out publicly with this official statement concerning a private conversation between me and an ex-lover, which has very accidentally found its way into wrong hands and onto the internet.

First of all, I'd like to state that I have the permission of my management to issue this statement on my own behalf. Secondly, I'd like to apologize to my fans, observers and Ghanaians as a whole for contributing to this chaos by being careless for misplacing my phone, which contained sensitive information and for not deleting such information earlier on in the first place. I'd also like to sympathize with the other party involved since this is clearly a private issue for both of us.

I would want to make three major points based on frequently-asked questions posed by the media: -

•The motive behind the recording and time of the recording,

•The question of whether or not this is a stunt for my upcoming album and

•A plea to whoever is behind the publication of this recording.

The motive
Life's lessons have taught me enough in my few years on this earth that when a love relationship goes bad, anything can happen.

I have also learnt in my lifetime that when things get out of hand and violence surfaces, the law is harder on the male ***.

So it was only right that I armed myself in case violence sets in and I needed evidence to establish that indeed it was a case of a relationship gone bad.

I know that not many will agree with me, maybe not until they find themselves in my situation at the time.

I don't regret recording these conversations because they came in handy when I was later on accused of stealing a phone which the other party misplaced at a festival, four months before these recordings took place. However, I regret being careless and losing it at a function where I was signing autographs just about a month ago.

The question of whether or not this is a stunt for my upcoming album

The reason why the publicity stunt should be ruled out is because I got to where I am today without a publicity stunt and my management has no history of using publicity stunts to shine the numerous artists that have passed through them including me.

There were advantageous times in this saga when my name was dragged through the mud and accused of being a thief to the whole world. I had these recordings but never had any sinister ideas of bringing them out. Why then would I bring them out today?

It was recently brought to my attention that the other party was on one radio station and sort of spoke in favor of my artistry.

This clearly showed that the other party had no ill motive towards me and as such gives me no reason whatsoever to make a public spectacle of her, resulting in her humiliation.

And I would also want to state that my ex was not begging for a comeback as stated in the title of the video.

She was merely asking for a way forward. I strongly believe that someone who knows both parties is in possession of the phone and intends to make a spectacle out of this.

A plea to whoever is behind the publication of this recording

I am therefore pleading with the person responsible to please desist from publishing anymore of these.

If the person thinks he or she is doing it in favor of me, I'd like to tell him/her that they are mistaken, as it is rather hurting both parties. I apologize to the music industry, my loved ones, my fans and Ghanaians as a whole, for being careless with my private affairs, resulting in this chaos. Thank you.

Issued by Ayigbe Edem.