View Full Version : Patch Tuesday: Critical flaws haunt Microsoft Office, IE browser

12th October 2010, 11:22 PM
Microsoft dropped its largest ever batch of security patches today to cover a record 49 security vulnerabilities, including several browser flaws that could expose Internet Explorer users to drive-by malware downloads.

The Internet Explorer bulletin (MS10-071) fixes a total of 12 vulnerabilities and because of the risk of zero-click drive-by download attacks, Microsoft is urging Windows users to apply this patch immediately.

Windows users should also pay special attention to MS10-076, which covers a serious flaw in the way the operating system handles embedded OpenType (EOT) fonts. This update is rated “critical” for all versions of Windows (including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008) and can be exploited to launch remote code execution attacks if a computer user simply surfs to a booby trapped Web site.

Microsoft also urged system administrators to treat these bulletins with the highest priority:

* MS10-077: Addresses a vulnerability in .NET Framework that could allow remote code execution on a client system if a user views a specially crafted Web page using a Web browser that can run XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs). This bug only affects 64-bit systems on all supported versions of Windows.

* MS10-075: Fixes a vulnerability in Windows Media Player that could be exploited via malicious RTSP network packets to Windows Vista and Windows 7 client on the same network. This only affects Windows users who has opted-in to Windows Media Network Sharing service. However, keep in mind that Windows 7 Home Edition opts-in by default.

The Microsoft Office productivity suite also underwent a major security makeover in this month’s patch batch. Two of the 16 bulletins address a whopping 26 vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office.

According to Microsoft, some of these Office flaws can be exploited via rigged .doc or .xls (Word or Excel files).

According to Jason Miller, data and security team leader at Shavlik Technologies, Microsoft has released a total of 86 new security bulletins in 2010.

Compared to previous years, you can see this number has far exceeded any previous total:

* 2009 - Total 74 security bulletins
* 2008 - Total 78 security bulletins
* 2007 - Total 69 security bulletins

Miller notes that there are three bulletins this month that affect 3rd party (non-Microsoft) software.

“With these bulletins, vulnerabilities exist in the Microsoft operating system. However, Microsoft software is not affected and cannot be exploited. An attacker must try to exploit the third party product on unpatched systems. MS10-081 and MS10-082 affect non-Microsoft web browsers. MS10-074 affects third party zip programs. Patching the operating system will close these vulnerabilities,” Miller said.

source: zdnet