View Full Version : Flash on iPhone 4: The Easy Way To Get it Working

11th October 2010, 06:22 AM
Have you taken a look at the instructions appended with the article we published Sunday on how to install Flash on your jailbroken iPhone 4? We did to, and we thought the instructions were a bit on the complicated side.

We apparently weren’t the only ones, because there is now an easier way to get Flash working on your iPhone 4. Follow this three-step process, and you should be good to go:

1. On you jailbroken iPhone 4, access Cydia, go to Manage, and then Sources.
2. Edit source and add the repository: http://repo.benm.at.
3. Find “Frash” and install.

That’s it. Don’t try it on your iPhone 3G, though, as there is a processor architecture incompatibility.