View Full Version : Dualism and the existence of God

22nd January 2012, 07:15 PM
The apodictical existential pantheist maintains that the disrepute of dualism is well earned, upon the basis that nothing is entirely anything while everything is partly something else. We think in terms of black and white, it’s required for practical purposes to survive, we have to. However Everything is really grey, analog not digital

Everything. For example Her existence or for that matter the existence of anything: We think of an apple as existing but an imaginary apple not. But how about Costco or the Catholic Church. Each consists basically of a smaller or larger number of humanoids busy moving objects from one location to another, either entity trailing off into uncertainty around the fringes. For instance is unsold produce a part of Costco or is a dead Catholic still a Catholic, etc

But you say, there’s an apparently very real divide of physical or “real" world v the mental or conceptual, material v spiritual. Yet some quantum-mechanical phenomena defy such clearcut distinction, for instance the effect of prediction upon outcome between the classification of light as particle v wave, action at a distance, retention of information notwithstanding the black hole, etc

She is merely the way things have to be because all happenings are mutually interdependent, explaining for instance why specific values for physical constants; where it will eventually be shown that a variation in any one entails a contradiction by its effect on all the others. As for creation, many apparent paradoxes are resolved simply by the assertion that She has always existed (in one form or another) while creation is an ongoing affair

Thus She exists or doesn’t depending on your concept of Her, what you mean by “God” while intuition insists She is finite, limited to doing only what's possible, incidentally thereby resolving the question, “Why couldn’t She have made things better"