View Full Version : Food Prices Shoot Up

19th January 2012, 06:49 PM
Traders at the old and new markets in the Bolgatanga municipality say they are recording low sales, attributing the development to the recent fuel price increases.

A cross-section of residents of the municipality told the paper that prices of items on the market are still high. “Prices of things on the market keep increasing every market day. The most painful aspect is that items that most people use daily have become expensive. Can you imagine that a bowl of “Anglo gari” is selling between GH˘3.50 and GH˘4.00?” a trader who mentioned her name as Amina said.

Currently, a tin (olonka) of local rice, which many
families in the area usually purchase, is going for GH˘4.40 while a good grade of gari is selling between GH˘3.50 and GH˘4.00.

Also, a tin (olonka) of millet is going for between GH˘2.00 and GH˘2.50 while that of maize is also selling between GH˘1.80 and GH˘2.50 depending of the quality of the grain.

The quantity of leafy vegetables, including “Aleffu” which is selling at 50Gp, has reduced.

A guinea fowl of an average size and weight currently sells between GH˘12.00 and GH˘16.00 on the market. However, buyers sometimes buy guinea fowl at between GH˘8.00 and GH˘11.00.

When the paper contacted Emmanuel Elerdy, Upper East Regional Director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, he refused to comment on the development, explaining that he was preparing to meet the Minister of Agriculture, who was on a working visit to the area.