View Full Version : AIPS Africa chapter members vow to “walk the talk”

16th January 2012, 11:11 PM
Members of the Association of International Press for Sports (AIPS) – Africa, have resolved to make the continental branch a more vibrant organization in a bid to take their rightful place on the continent.

After a three hour brainstorming session by delegates from 20 Africa countries attedning the continental meeting of the Congress of the mother body in Innsbruck, Austria, the delegates resolved to change the fortunes of the continental body by holding annual general meetings at least once in a year.

The continental body is also expected to review its statutes to reflect modern trends and develop a functional secretariat with competent human resources to manage it as well as strengthen communication between member countries on the African continent.

Michell Obi, Executive Member of the AIPS who chaired the meeting, said the branch in Africa is on a ‘rescue mission’ since its impact has not been felt on the continent, hence the need to expedite action on the various resolutions.

He said reviewing the statutes, creating a functioning secretariat and organizing a unique platform for the continent will serve as the foundation for an efective take-off.

“A unique platform will afford Africa Sports Journalists the opportunity to meet and discuss issues pertaining to the profession on the continent and not always fly on the wings of the mother body.

“It is sad that we in Africa only get an opportunity to meet when the mother body is organizing its Congress. “It is like Africa having its general meeting at the United Nations headquarters. We must move beyond this. We have been talking for too long and its time we take action.

Sunday Ephraim, Vice President of AIPS-Africa said the new found spirit of African sports journalists at the Congress will also pave the way for the organization of the Africa Sports Awards, raise funds for the activities of the group as well as embark on other developmental projects.

He said the AIPS-Africa website is already functioning but needs to be fine-tuned and expressed the hope that the desired targets will be reached by the close of the year.

Ephraim added that the new statutes will also prepare the grounds for an elective General Assembly next year.

The four-day Congress saw countries including, Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Somalia, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, DR Congo, Guinea, Burundi, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, The Gambia, Togo, Morocco and Congo participating.