View Full Version : Cine Afrik exposes “The Adulterer” this Saturday

13th January 2012, 05:02 PM
Jackie Appiah has a beautiful home and a wonderful husband who is a perfect description of the ‘ideal husband’.

Ann was an old friend of Jackie’s who through some unforeseen circumstances became homeless and needed help.

The kind-hearted Jackie offered her friend (Ann) a job in her husband’s company and a fully furnished apartment but it turns out Ann has her own agenda - a carefully calculated plan to ruin her friend’s home.

John Dumelo, Jackie Appiah’s husband is about to become ‘the adulterer’.

But Ann wants more than just an affair or commitment with her friend’s husband, she wants something else.

‘The Adulterer’ is a blockbuster full of suspense, drama and romance.

This weekend, Multi TV’s Cine Afrik channel gives movie lovers the opportunity to see ‘The Adulterer’ on Cine Afrik Premieres at 7pm.

Viewers who do not have the Multi TV digibox are not left out as they could be part of the fun by looking for any Multi TV setup anywhere at public places and watch the movies FREE OF CHARGE every Saturday.

Channel manager, Nana Yaa Serwaa Sarpong, describes ‘The Adulterer’ as an epic movie that should not be missed.

Make a date with Cine Afrik Premiers this Saturday at 7pm on Multi TV’s Cine Afrik channel and be among the first to watch this classic movie for the very first time on Ghana Television.