View Full Version : Boosting Your Child’s Immunity

8th January 2012, 03:00 PM
Children are given essential vaccines because unlike adults, they are yet to develop their immune system to enable them fight diseases. It is also a fact that children, especially babies, get sick easily and are affected by changing weather conditions.


Though it may seem normal for children to suffer from common ailments such as cold and fever from time to time, their suffering could be minimized or prevented in many ways.

Experts say children can be prevented from suffering from common ailments by boosting their immune system.

A child’s immune system is what makes the difference between good health and constant ailments and so by enhancing it, the possibility of the child falling ill could decrease.

Boosting your child’s immune system according to medical experts begins from your womb! Eating food and taking in vitamins that are essential for the development of the baby are essential in building the immune system even before birth.

When the baby is born, you must continue through breastfeeding.

Instead of giving your baby cow’s milk, experts advise you breastfeed exclusively for at least six months before introducing your child to other food sources. This prevents them from contracting chronic diseases.

Once your children are old enough to understand, teach them the importance of healthy eating. Show them that in order to grow healthy and fit, they have to stay away from junk food and those that offer less or no nutritional value.

It is your responsibility as a parent to prepare healthy meals for your children; making sure their diet is rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and other types of food essential for the development of the brain, bones, muscles and most importantly, the immune system.

Doing this will not only help your children become immune to sickness but also help lower risks of obesity which is often the cause of several health problems.

Another important practice you should instill in children is personal hygiene. Kids love to play in dirt, hence, it is easy for bacteria and germs to attack them. Teach them to wash their hands after playing, before and after meals.

Clean their bodies regularly and ensure good oral health by brushing their teeth three times a day, especially after meals. Good personal hygiene helps reduce risk of contracting diseases such as cold, flu, tonsillitis, stomach infections, etc.

Sleep is also essential for the improvement of your children’s immune system. Make sure your kid gets at least eight hours of sleep every night.

Lack of sleep is linked to a number of health problems especially among children. When your children do not get enough sleep, chances are that their energy levels will become lower compared to other kids who sleep eight straight hours at night.

Apart from fighting obesity in children, regular physical activity helps improve their immune system. Encourage your kids to play basketball, baseball, football, etc.

Even a few hours of playing ‘catch’ with your kids can be a good start for them to learn to live an active lifestyle.

Be a role model for your kids and live a healthy lifestyle. Set an example by preparing healthy meals for the family, leading your family’s morning exercises, and staying away from bad health habits such as smoking and drinking.

Source: The Globe