View Full Version : One Interpretation of Free Will

Intellectual Pirate
7th October 2010, 12:48 AM
In this post, I would like to offer my theory of how free will might work. There are good arguments against free will. Suppose there is a god who knows everything about past and present. Suppose further that he knows all the rules of how things work. Then he will know exactly how everything will unfold in the future. There is no chance for anyone to be able to deviate from the path this god knows. Therefore there is no free will.

It is my belief however that there is free will. I say that because I believe that we are souls. I will now define what I mean by a soul. A soul is an essence of self which doesnít change and in practical terms it is the combination of consciousness, personality and intelligence. I believe that that soul has free will. Here I define free will to be not what a soul chooses to do at a given moment, but how he chooses himself or herself to be spiritually. That is how a soul chooses to be good or evil. That is the free will of a soul.

I believe that when a soul is created, presumably by God, he chooses how he is, that is his nature. I think that choice is permanent because essence of soul doesnít change. If you think that there are no souls, then there is necessarily no free will. Let us suppose now though that there are souls. Let us suppose further that soul is eternal. For that soul to recognize itself through eternity, it cannot change. So I believe that if a soul is good, he will be good for eternity and if he is bad he will be bad for eternity. I make this assertion through personal experience. I remember how I was when I was 3 years old and I am in my late forties now. I have gone through many trials and tribulations in my life. My intelligence is more developed. My personality is more developed. I have more knowledge. But my essential insight is that my essential soul hasnít changed since I was three years old which is the earliest age I remember of myself.

I believe that a soul is able to choose his own nature because a soul is a supernatural entity created by supernatural God. When souls are created by God or if you are not very religious when living things are created by some process, if there is justice, the same process must create all souls. But souls are obviously different. I think the only just way for souls to be different is if he himself chooses how he wants to be. Since he is a supernatural entity he was given that supernatural ability to choose for himself his nature. That is only just way for souls to be different. If there is God, he must be just and he can not favor someone over another just by some whim. And that nature a soul chooses for himself is his essence and therefore it can not change. If it could change there would be no meaning in soul-hood.

Yes, I believe that if there is a god or a computer which knows everything in the manner I described at the opening of this post, it can predict the future exactly. But we still have free will in spiritual sense. The computer will know the rules exactly about how we will respond to a given stimuli, but these rules are what we choose for ourselves as souls. Therefore I will assert that we have free will or we had it at the point of being created.