View Full Version : Defending World Amputee Football Champs,the Black Challenge Beg For Sponsorship

BBoy T
6th October 2010, 11:08 PM
Is it not a big shame to us as a nation that` the total amount of money the Ghana National Amputee Football Team, the Black Challenge, need to participate in the 30th World Amputee Football Cup in Argentina, is less than what one player of the senior National Team Football Team, the Black Stars, got for participating in the World Cup in South Africa; yet, the Black Challenge team have to go cup in hand begging individuals and corporate bodies to sponsor them for the all-important tournament?


A player of the Black Stars got at least $100,000 and all the entire Black Challenge need, in terms of travel, per diem and all, is just some $80,000.

Interestingly, if they fail to participate in the World Cup, Ghana would be banned and fined more than they need to make the trip. A similar thing happened in 2008 when they failed to defend the African Cup they won in Sierra Leone due to lack of finance. They also failed to get to Turkey on time to participate in the last World Cup, leading to a ban.

With some five days to go, the Black Challenge are not yet certain of their participation in the tournament because the funds are not ready.
We would all have to bow our heads in shame if they fail to make it to the World Cup, considering their situation and the sacrifices they have made and continue to make to ensure that Ghana’s image is enhanced internationally.

Remember, they are the first African Champions, a record that can never be erased, and currently, they rank 4th in the whole world.

The ball is in our court.

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