View Full Version : Azonto Metamorphosis Into "Chriszonto"

6th January 2012, 01:48 AM
Azonto dance has metamorphosed into "Chriszonto" in some charismatic churches, the Ghana News Agency (GNA) observed during a tour of some churches in Accra on the eve of the New Year and New Year Day services.

The traditional Ga dance, Kpanlogo which has been modernised into Azonto dance, has now taken another transformation as the Christian community joined the secular dance Christian “Chriszonto”.

funny face azonto-ing

GNA observed that most of the youth in charismatic churches led the infectious Azonto-Chriszonto dance revolution, with most pastors and the older generation watching in admiration.

The Azonto-Chriszonto dance craze in the churches is taking deep root as song leaders, choristers, Praise and Worship groups as well as the mainly younger generation with youthful exuberance try to out-do each other with the antics and gestures.

Research by the GNA showed that Azonto dance originated from the traditional Ghanaian dance, Kpanlogo, which started in indigenous localities in the Greater Accra Region such as Bukom, James Town, Chorkor and in Tema.

Now the Azonto dance has taken over other dance forms at clubs, house parties and churches.

The free style dance involves the shaking of hips, stretching and pointing hands to different directions at a tempo to the song and sometimes demonstrating the performance of household chores like washing or doing ironing.

Source: GNA