View Full Version : Joy FM’s 90s jam

31st December 2011, 11:10 PM
Hands flew high up in the air, waists- big and small; stiff and flexible wiggled in a hot, kinky jam on the cold towers of Silver Star as thousands assembled for the Joy FM’s 90s jam.

It was the official party to end all parties in 2011 and it did not disappoint on the night as Nigeria’s star actor, Desmond Elliot took centre stage hived by bees of beautiful ladies in a crazy mix of azonto, snake and shopero dances.

And you couldn’t blame them because the DJ’s DJ, Black together with Nii Ayi Tagoe were in their elements dishing out the great hits of the nineties no one could resist.

As if possessed by the passing demons of 2011, patrons crammed onto the dance floor singing and dancing along, reminiscing the good old days when music was a lot feisty and dance was not azonto but breaks.

But like Christmas, dance has its own season, and patrons could not just allow the azonto season to pass them by. Who knows, it might be the very last occasion to show off the azonto dance.

Not even the announcement of a temporary ban on the azonto dance by Nii Ayi Tagoe could change anything; the azonto craze was on.

The show started slow with few patrons shy or rather warming themselves up into the groove.

Songs like “zaaza” “wo sisi ye wo ya” “aketesia” set mood with few bold patrons ‘opening floor’. As the night wore on, thousands trooped in and the real jam began.

The songs were piercing; “You can touch this” “California love” “Hip hop ray; eii ooo eii” could be heard echoing several miles away from the venue. And when Bola Ray unleashed the dragon the crowd were in absolute frenzy. The party had reached a crescendo.

The Silver Star Towers uniquely known for its business transaction was turned into a perfect night club with the disco colours, a repertoire of dances and sizzling tunes easing its way from the rooftops into the clouds.

It was a perfect night to behold and the fans could not hide their joy.