View Full Version : Funny face revels Nadia kiss; refuses to take his bath

28th December 2011, 08:01 PM
Stand –up comedian Funny face is refusing to take his bath several hours after actress Nadia Buari planted a kiss on his cheek.

He would not risk losing the splendor; the savor; the kiss of life from a girl he has long had a crush on and a girl he would love to marry next year; a bath too soon would wash away his lifelong experience.

Funny Face

On Joy FM’s Drive Time programme hosted by Bola Ray on Tuesday, Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng better known as Funny Face could not hide his admiration and lust for the queen of the movie screen in Ghana.

“Eii Nadia kissed me oo. It’s a sweet feeling, Nadia Buari. I say on Joy FM the most listened to radio station in Ghana. Joy FM is like R Kelly; there are some brands when you mention there is no introduction. Joy FM, Nadia Buari I am telling, you straight up, I love you; I have a crush on you and you made my dream come true. You kissed me yesterday Nadia Buari and I will forever cherish it.”

“She kissed my cheek…she kissed my lip,” he stated, almost to a point of salivation and tingling in parts of his body he would not admit on air.

The everlasting kiss was during his performance at the 1,013 laughs.

He has vowed not to take his bath at least for a while longer. And oo Funny Face will also be getting married in 2012. Guess who is on his radar?