View Full Version : Ghana Movie Awards Jury Cannot Fool Us

23rd December 2011, 01:50 PM
Based on the nominees list, the Jury is an ‘anyone can do job’. Having given the organizers the benefit of the doubt in the maiden edition, the category and nominations for the second edition is worst.

The jury of the Ghana Movie Awards should let us know the criteria on which the selection is been made.

Ama K. Abrebese, coming before the recent edition was nominated for the Best Actress in a Leading Role, English language. Recognized among the best in last year’s edition, the same jury has nominated Ama K. for Best Discovery this year.

Thinking that the jury is unprofessional, Prince Tsegah the PRO, indirectly, disgraced the entire team of the Ghana Movie Awards when called on ‘Talk Showbiz’ on etv. Ghana. He said, “Ama K was never nominated last year,” which means records don’t even exist, how much more could we be convinced that the winners of this event are not prejudice.

On the other hand, Eddie Watson and Zita Galega should have being in the Discovery category and not Best Africa Collaboration because they live in Ghana and started their acting career here. But surprisingly, in an interview with Eddie Watson he defended them by saying he flies with a Liberian passport hence that night be the reason for his category.

If all things being equal as he’d said, then Omotola Jolade (Nollywood) and Kimberley Elise (Holywood) don’t deserve to be in the Best Actress, English language category. Imagine yourself sitting in the hall for a foreigner to perch above all, taking the ultimate which is tagged as Best Ghanaian Actress for 2011. This will be a mockery on the entire nation.

The JURY of the Ghana Movie Awards need to upgrade it people before the 2012 edition. Let’s wake up Ghana and fight for what belong to us, Omotola and Kimberley should not be allowed to take the ultimate, “Best Actress in a Leading Role – English Language” because this illiteracy has never and will never be established in their respective movie industries.

Source: Yemoh Ike / New Fylla