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18th December 2011, 08:25 PM
At some sites from which I've been banished--FRDB not being one of 'em--and certainly not GV--the Admin/mod is like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia

It's as if people drawn to internet sites--except possibly GV as I'll elaborate--are terribly angry at all times about nearly everything, taking umbrage at the merest slight

---while those drawn to their Admin positions are seeking a sense of power they must subconsciously feel lacking in their daily lives poor fellows

Without realizing it they become policemen. I remember one on a swimming-pool site who apparently so hated me he would continually be submitting 1000-word posts detailing with links every little imagined transgression. When I explained how to save $34 by fashioning a sweep bag out of rug non-slip one lady whose debris catcher had evidently gone west thanked me profusely but he again tore me to shreds, calling me a "cheapskate,"

.....which of course I am. But as an erstwhile author I wonder if anyone can recommend a writers' site but one in which like GV I won't be banned upon my first OP with all sorts of dire threats and imprecations, to paraphrxase

Dalehileman your OP shows you are the most terrible sort participant we have ever experienced so we are banning you forever, you're a bad person, awful. Don't even come back whining after 9 months. We hate you, all of us, and we hope you soon die a horrible and painful death

Rarely they'll give me a reason:

You have repeatedly violated Section IV of our Participant Guidelines, Para 44.4, subpara 6.3b, c, d, and g forbidding the forwarding of a link to a post having more than 332 words containing an apparent reference to the activities of our Administrative staff while raising your right foot with your left hand and simultaneously depressing keys p and z with the other but only if mailed between 3 and 5 pm on months of the year containing the letters c and d in succession

I almost thank them as their fanatical zewal is so hilarious to often make my entire day, occasionally rolling about in laughter at their imprecations

When I kid about Mac for instance some take me perfectly seriously as if I'm addressing them specifically, it's a 21st century phenom. Important to note incidentally that so many "policemen" are so fierce and unrelenting that the typical clod (me) finally gives up any attempt to be subtle and becomes a virtual troll

As I've said, trolling needs a thread of its own so I won't be offended if you submit an OP

(Time before last it was FRDB and I don't blame them at all but if any of their Admin Guys get a whiff of this OP I assure you FRDB up until this morning was the most liberal forum ('scept possibly for GV) in 17 years that I've had the pleasure of working with and by no means do I blame you for dispatching me,

.......while it's almost unbelievable that my banning is only for two weeks as the usual thing is from 9 months to forever

Yet my hiatus from FRDB is only a couple of weeks, amazing, unbelievable, I had expected at least a month if not 9 or even forever as with WF

So FRDB has my most profound thanks. But why do so many other such sites imagine themselves so very important: After all they're no more in the Sight of God than a bunch of complete strangers arguing with one another digitally through the auspices a remote website to no apparent end

Who cares to join a site so sensitive in its Admin that it can't stand a bit of kidding

Actually incidentally I'm considered a troll, a subject for another OP someday)

In the typical earlier case I'd get a message like that from WF

You have been banned for the following reason:

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

....for no apparent reason I can fathom. At least you'd think like FRDB they'd tell me why

Anyhow I had thought spam was a lunchmeat

Yes I am on the verge of senility if not Alzheimer's but my world is coming apart at the seams I've been banned before but not after one or two posts as by WF


Feel like I'm on my way to the Proverbial Place of Perdition in the Hypothetical Handy Hamper for no reason whatever, I'm universally hated by everybody elsewhere except at GV (and by my aerospace friends and family to whom I will send a link of this thread) but at this rate I expect to be banished even from here, evidently the most liberal site I've ever participated in

But meantime thank you GV for tolerating me and my facetiousness and kidding around

But GV Admin guys: I'm flummoxed, totally puzzled, mystified. I can understand why FRDB banned me, I was a bit facetious from time to time, but why WF, maybe you can tell me

It's as if they're closing in on me from all sides--really I'm not such a bad sort of fella when you get to know me--I mean no harm

Oh GV Admin incidentally, I wonder if it's ok to transmit a link of its OP or thread to another site of a different kind--thanks for a fine forum and I hope we have a long life together. Oh and thank you lavishly for allowing me to edit indefinitely

At another site I shall not mention I was cut off after ten minutes, had to plead with them for two weeks to extend it, when finally they gave in, finally increasing it to 2 hours which incidentally is hardly enough, especially with the typical clod (me) turning up embarrassing mistakes a couple of days later

To those who object to my style--and there are many of you-- I keep telling you over and over that you don't need to read my threads. Please, guys why can't you just loosen up a little

18th December 2011, 09:25 PM
what is FRDB and WF???

18th December 2011, 09:34 PM
Babe my most abject apologies



18th December 2011, 10:02 PM
Bbe from the snapshot I think you might be a gal in which case welcome but my nickname for thee proved appropriate didn't it

(Isn't it interesting to note that Mac can't recognize Bbe as a misspelling of Babe

You will hear more from me about Mac

....my term for all incompetent probgrammers)

19th December 2011, 07:49 PM
Hey guys maybe you can help me out: I can't inquire of 'em 'cause they've banned me

For some reason in spite of all the nice things I had said about them above this morning they changed my ban from two weeks to forever. Perhaps in quickly scanning my OP their Admin misunderstood all those nasty things I said about the Admin at other sites

Thanks fellas