View Full Version : Spearfish in my software

18th December 2011, 05:07 PM
At another site Mac suggested "swordfishes" as a correction for "disappeards"

If I don't have another complaint about Mac, his editing is atrocious

(I use "Mac" to refer to all incompetent software)

All these years I had blamed my supervisory but apparently editing doesn't reside here but in the site one happens to be visiting

GH's seems very good, suggesting "disappears" as one might expect

I just received the following message, evidently from WF


Was this meant for my and if so why, and what in the world is spam, and if I've committed it how did I do so, in order henceforth to understand how it's to be avoided

I thought spam was lunchmeat

Life gets more complicated every day

Mac Mac Mac—why do you hate me so