View Full Version : Duncan-Williams Withdraws From Clash With Mensah Otabil

17th December 2011, 10:46 PM
The General Overseer of Mensah Otabil (ACI), Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has been compelled by prevailing circumstances to change the venue for his much-publicised watch night (Passover) service which was scheduled to take place at the Independence Square on December 31, 2011.

A statement issued and signed by Duncan-Williams said, “The decision to use the Independence Square to pray for the nation with a message of ‘2012: year of divine providence – no violence’, seems to have led to unfortunate misrepresentation in the media.”

The statement follows media reports about ACI and Dr Mensah Otabil’s International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) being in a tussle over the venue.

ACI, which is popularly referred to as Action Church, and ICGC, seem to have booked the same venue for their watch night services. The statement therefore noted that “in order to ensure peace and harmony in the body of Christ and amongst Christian brethren, the Archbishop of ACI has decided that the church should relocate its 31st December 2011 Passover service from the Independence Square.”

This, according to the Archbishop, was because “an impression has been created that it would be better for another church to use the Independence Square for a car park on the night of 31st December, than for ACI to use it for its watch night service.”

Whilst appreciating the fact that relocating from the original venue (Independence Square) would cause potential inconvenience to its members and the general public who planned to attend that service, the ACI said it was looking for another location for the service.

The church has thus sent its heartfelt apologies to its members and the general public for any inconvenience this relocation might cause.

It has since promised to notify members and the general public about the new arrangements for the watch night service of 31st December 2011.

What is however not clear is whether ICGC would accept to use the Independence Square now that ACI has given it up.