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17th December 2011, 12:56 AM
It was like Our Day at Glow Lamp International School last Friday when movie producer Ahmed Banda better known as Bandex premiered Behind The Mask, a movie featuring his son, 11year-old Rahim Banda, a pupil of the school exclusively for over two hundred excited schoolmates..

In the movie, Rahim plays the role of a protector angel alongside such established actors as Kalsoume Sinare, Nadia Buari, Timothy Bentum and Prince David Osei. ”I told my father that I would love it if the movie was shown in my school before it hit the market”, little Rahim said.

The 11-year-old boy in primary 5, who has already featured in five movies, Masters Of The Game, The Beast, Millions, Behind The Mask said it took him only a week to learn the script of the movie. “I took it as a story book, it was not much of a difficulty keeping the lines in my head, in a week’s time I could remember all the lines without looking on anything”.

Asked which of the movies was his favourite, the young outspoken actor said he would go for Behind The Mask. “I don’t know why I prefer that movie to any other movie but I think it is a nice movie, more so, I love all the characters in it.

Would he take acting as his career? Rahim said he didn’t know whether he would to be an actor or not , “I just have to finish my

school and figure out what opportunities are there are for me” said Rahim.

He thanked his father for seeing the talent in him and allowing him act. According his father Bandex, his son Rahim is gifted and would not prevent him from what he loves doing most. “If my son tells me he wants to be an actor he can’t say he should be a doctor or a lawyer, I respect his views because he is a talented kid” Bandex said.