View Full Version : What Would Stars Want For Xmas?

17th December 2011, 12:52 AM
Christmas is that holiday season when millions of people around the world give or expect gifts from loved ones. Although some people are fortunate to receive gifts from loved ones, rarely do we think that people in the limelight such as music and movie stars will also have expectations; great expectations. See what Showbiz found out from a few.

Abeiku Santana: This Christmas, my wishful expectation is a present of a house at Trassaco Valley. I have some rich friends and I believe buying a house for me at Trassaco wouldnít be too much of a problem for them.

Iím imagining myself living at Trassaco with the likes of Mensah Otabil, Duncan Williams and other important personalities. I would be one of the happiest people this Christmas if my rich friends could surprise me with such a gift. For a car, a 2011 model Kia Optima from the government would be just perfect.

Ohemaa Mercy: I would want a private jet from President Mills to enable me go to many places. I can at least attend about five or six programmes a day without having to join any terrible traffic. I know I must be asking for too much but this is what I would want President Mills to buy for me this Christmas.

Emelia Brobbey: A five bedroom apartment in a cool, serene environment wouldnít be bad. I will forever remain grateful to anyone who would give me the house. I donít know who would provide the house for me but I will welcome it from anybody.

Agya Koo: I really donít think anyone can give me a Christmas present of a car, a house or anything expensive with the current general economic situation. But I welcome anything from my fans and family.

Normally, I donít spend Christmas in Ghana but if I find myself spending Christmas here this time around, I pray no accidents occur. I feel so sad when people die especially during the Christmas season.

John Dumelo: A normal Christmas card from my loved ones is okay for me. Also, I would expect my fans to buy movies I have featured in. That is all I wish for this Christmas.

Gifty Osei: If the Vice President John Mahama would give me a hamper, I think I would be a very happy person at Christmas. It would be an honour to receive a hamper from the man I so admire. That alone will be enough for me during this Christmas.

Blakk Rasta: I donít want anything from anybody neither would I give anything to anybody during this Christmas because I donít celebrate it.

If I accept a present then it means I am celebrating it and since I donít celebrate Christmas, I want no present from anyone. All I pray for is good life and a peaceful new year to all Ghanaians.

Yaw Sakyi: A car from any of my fans would be a very welcome present. But if I am asking for too much, then I think a hamper fully loaded with the best wines, chocolates and toffees would just be okay.

Tic -Tac: I am okay with anything from anybody but most importantly I pray that there are no fatal accidents during this Christmas. I pray that everybody keeps safe during the season.

Efya: I want the latest Iphone from my family or anybody who loves me. It has always been my dream phone and I pray that I get one during this Christmas. More so, I pray for long life for every Ghanaian.

Shirley Frimpong Manso: I havenít really thought of what I want for Christmas, but a brand new car would do, but importantly, a good piece of joy would just be okay.

Martha Ankomah: I need 1 million dollars this Christmas for a lot of things. If I am fortunate enough to get that amount, I would go to my village and give every household a present. I would also donate to orphanages when I secure the money. There are many things I wish to do with such an amount.