View Full Version : Leila Djansi ‘quits’ working in Ghana, shoots next movie in the Bahamas

17th December 2011, 12:16 AM
Movie Producer and Director, Leila Djansi has revealed that, after two stressful productions in Ghana, she will be shooting her third production in the Bahamas next year.

Leila, who disclosed this in an interview with Myjoyonline.com Friday, said the move has been necessitated by the several difficulties and challenges, like infrastructure and the lack of equipments, and what her crew and herself went through while shooting award-winning productions: Sinking Sands and Ties That Bind, in Ghana.

This decision is coming after the Ghanaian-born Hollywood movie producer and director dropped hints of such a move in an interview with Myjoyonline.com earlier this year.

While many saw Leila’s decision to start working in Ghana as a welcoming gesture which has the potential to boost the Ghanaian movie industry and also help sell Ghana to the world, the talented director says she is backing out.

The move, she explained to Myjoyonline.com after a press preview of her latest movie, Ties That Bind, at the Silverbird Cinema, is "about convenience…we can get all the equipment we need very easily because from Florida to the Bahamas is very easy so you can get your equipment there.”

She intends creating a Ghanaian location in Bahamas, stressing “I am not packing out and going, it’s just going to be much easier to shoot the next production in the Bahamas because we have about six American stars in that, I can’t afford to fly six American stars to Ghana.”

Another reason she attributed for the decision not to shoot in Ghana is the unnecessary media pressure in Ghana.

“Having to deal with a little too much publicity - when I say publicity I mean like unnecessary publicity - certain things are not necessary so having to deal with all of that [is a problem]… Right now I am not in this business to be famous or popular, I just want to be able to tell stories so I feel like I want to work in an environment where nobody is going to know who Leila is or what Leila wore yesterday,” she lamented.

The Bahamas production, which she will start in November 2012 is “a story set in Ada in Ghana, it looks so much like Ada,” and the story, she said, “is probably my most controversial project ever. It about a gay guy – a guy who returns from America to Ghana to his parents and he is gay.”
Ties That Bind
Leila Djansi ‘quits’ working in Ghana, shoots next movie in the Bahamas

A scene from the movie

Her second production, Ties That Bind, tells the story of three women; Adobea, Buki and Theresa, who hail from different walks of life bound by a similar pain - the loss of a child. The story captures the journey of the women to redemption, love, life and forgiveness.

It stars Hollywood star, Kimberly Elise; Ghanaian stars, Ama K Abebrese, John Dumelo, David Dontoh and Nollywood star, Omotola Ekeinde.

According to Leila, the movie is a real life story. “My mum was childless for five years before we came along and over the years [we talked] about issues of adoption. Some people have lost so many kids and they are facing so many difficulties in their marriages. These things are happening so it is not negative, it is what it is,” Leila explained.

She dispelled the notion that the story depicted and hammered on the negative cultural practices in Africa, particularly Ghana.

“We depicted the truth…the truth is not something you can run away from. We Africans cannot keep saying that we want the world see a different image of us so let’s only show them the good things. That’s not right; you got to be honest about what you’ve got right and be also honest about what you got wrong,” Leila explained.

They started prepping for the movie in August of 2010, started shooting in March 2011, they finished shooting it in April and they finished post production in November 2011. It will premiere on December 30 at the National Theatre.