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16th December 2011, 01:58 PM
Host of the morning show on Oman 107.1 FM, Fiifi Boafo, has launched a campaign against male employees who get into the panties of female job applicants before providing them with employment.

The campaign is also targeted at exposing male superiors who bully their female subordinates into having --- with them.

Fiifi Boafo

“We need to talk about this. We need to name and shame. --- abuse in our offices cannot continue to go on for the whole society to watch silently. Those of us how can speak against it but decide to watch unconcerned are as guilty as the immoral perpetrators of the --- crimes,” Fiifi Boafo told News-One.

The broadcast journalist explained that the issue of male superiors sexually abusing their female subordinates had become so common and rampant that society was almost getting used to it.

“But it is not a normal thing and we cannot consider it to be normal. Consensual --- between working colleagues is normal and that is not what my campaign is targeting. My concern is the several thousands of fully qualified ladies who are compelled to sell their dignity, strip ----- and open their legs before they are given the jobs they fully qualify to do,” Mr. Boafo explained.

He disclosed that the campaign would not only name and shame perpetrators but also encourage male employees to speak against it because” so far it has only been the women who fight this but as a people we must all speak out with one voice against this madness”.

Fiifi Boafo’s campaign is taking off at a time when media reports suggest that more male employers and superiors are taking advantage of females who work under them.

The Finder newspaper reported on Thursday that 28 young women, four of them married, had confessed that they gained employment only after yielding to the sexual advances of their male employers.

The paper added that these women, forming a third of the group interviewed on the growing perception of ----for-jobs in the country, were of the opinion that the practice was on the ascendency as more young women seeking jobs succumbed to the pressure of male employers and were left with no option but to accept their sexual advances in order to be employed.

It said out of 15 media houses sampled, 12 cases of sexual intercourse between male superiors and their female subordinates were recorded, thus topping the list of offenders.

At a television station in Accra, a lady (name withheld) said the experience was demeaning, adding that she now dealt with the embarrassment on a daily basis.

The report added that of 24 cases sampled within the private sector, involving manufacturing companies, service-based companies and small scale business, 13 cases of ----for-job were recorded.

Source: News One