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15th December 2011, 02:56 PM
The discovery of oil in large quantities in the Western Region has undoubtedly turned the once quire town city of Sekondi-Takoradi into a buoyant town with the influx of people from all walks of life into the metropolis.

The increase in population in the now ‘oil city’ has resulted in increase economic activities especially in the areas of trade and tourism whilst landlords have also increased their rents to meet the high demand.

However, undercover investigations conducted by the P&P in the ‘oil city’ over the last few weeks have revealed that one area which is thriving as a result of the booming oil trade, is that of prostitution. Indeed, since the discovery of the black gold, several prostitutes from other parts of the country and even neighboring countries like Cote D’Ivoire, Togo and Nigeria have all relocated to Takoradi and its environs for business.

Shockingly, some young female residents of the town who are not ‘professional prostitutes’ but who also wants to grab a piece of the pie (booming --- trade) have also devised ways and means of attracting the oil merchants and oil company workers who throng the city every now and then.

Our investigations revealed that such girls work through the ‘sex agents’ who collect the ladies’ ---- and semi ---- photographs and deposit them at well known hotels to solicit for clients. Such pictures are normally given to the hotel’s front desk executives who in turn make them (pictures) available to guest for selection and subsequent bookings.

Once a male guest has made the choice, the --- agent is contacted for the necessary arrangements and the girls are then provided at a fee. Indeed, such agents according to our sources take a commission from the client as well as the girl.

We gathered that these ladies who are commonly referred to as ‘executive ladies’ because they work underground and do not stand by the road side to solicit for clients charge between GH¢ 80 and 150 per night depending on the beauty of the lady and the pocket of the client. Such ‘executive ladies’ normally operate around the Takoradi Beach Road area which boast of several first class hotels.

Source: P&P