View Full Version : Korle-Bu Again! Turns Into Taliban Cave-CEO Supervises Attacks On Staff

15th December 2011, 02:54 PM
The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has now been converted to an Al-Qaeda training centre, brewing all sorts of Taliban fighters, among such is the Procurement Officer Felicity Commey, who has recently graduated from the combat training she received from her CEO, Prof. Out Nartey who has now been described by many within the hospital, as a ‘toothless bull dog’ barking at any wrong prey, is believed to have given much authority and power to Felicity Commey to the extent that, her actions and inactions cannot be queried by any person not even him, the CEO.

Felicity Commey has recently gone berserk quarrelling with, slapping and organizing thugs from town to beat up other officers working at the hospital. However, all these incidents fell at the blind side of Prof. Nartey even though majority of them were committed in the CEO’s presence.

Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

This paper has gathered that, Mr. Opoku Akyea, the Supply Chain Manager of the hospital have on several occasions received dozens of insults, slaps and assault from Felicity Commey, who sees him as a stumbling block to the desire to become the Supply Chain Manager.

An investigation conducted by The Ghanaian Trust has it that Felicity Commey organized thugs from town into Mr. Akyea’s office with the intention of strangling him to death. Although they could not succeed in killing him, they have succeeded in beating him to pulp.

Her confrontation with Mr. Akyea according to our investigation, begun when the CEO decided to beginning putting his house in order considering the many issues being published in the media about procurement at the hospital.

This paper gathered that, at a meeting with the CEO, Felicity and Mr. Akyea, the latter had no explanation to provide on all the issues being raised, because he has been rendered redundant by the CEO because his position has been given to Felicity Commey.

Felicity who then thought she could implicate Mr. Akyea in all the dubious transactions decided to pick quarrel with him and ended up organizing people to kill Mr. Akyea in his office at Korle-Bu.

Interestingly, the CEO instead of querying Felicity for setting the hospital ablaze was rather mad at Mr. Akyea for speaking to the media on the issue.

It is not in doubt that Mr. Akyea’s salaries have not been paid for ten months. Information is that the CEO has blocked Mr. Opoku Akyea’s salaries because Felicity Commey is still holding herself as the supply chain manager and receiving salaries accordingly.

The Ghanaian Trust has gathered that Felcity Commey who is the Procurement Officer was made to act as the Supply Chain Manager until the Board employs a substantive Manager.

After advertising the position, short listing applicants and interviewing them, the Board employed Mr. Opoku Akyea to be the substantive supply chain manager, but Felicity Commey refused to relinquish the position to him to fully operate. But the CEO has refused to intervene because, sources revealed that Felicity threatened to expose the CEO should he make the mistake of querying her or taking any decision that will not be in her interest.

It is alleged that the CEO is thus in fears, trying very hard to please Felicity Commey so as not to face any exposure probably from the dubious deals he has been involved in.

It was also gathered that the CEO has also failed to draw the attention of the Korle-Bu Board to this current happenings including infightings, for discussions just because of the threat posed to him by Felicity.

Felicity Commey, the 1st Corporal who graduated from the ‘Taliban Training Centre’ at Korle-Bu, is noted for attacking her prey (other staff members) with her urine.

According to information, she will go into the washroom and urinate into a cup, from which she pours the content onto the faces of staff at the administration.

Source: The Ghanaian Trust