View Full Version : US Group of Companies unveils new marketing strategy aimed at job creation

15th December 2011, 07:35 AM
The Unique Shepherd (US) group of companies has unveiled its 29th business unit – the Broadway Marketing and Network Limited with a new marketing strategy aimed at creating job opportunities for the country’s unemployed population.

The US Group of Companies, a wholly owned Ghanaian international company, is a diversified company with operations in finance, transport and other allied businesses.

The company on Wednesday inaugurated a new office complex to host its 29th business unit, the USBMNL at East Legon in Accra.

Explaining the how the new marketing system works, the Group Chairman, Godfred Adonu said it involves selling one of the group’s products, US purified water.

Prospective distributors of the US purified water are expected to pay a one-time registration fee of US$ 40 to begin dealing in the product. The distributor then earns a reward whenever he introduces another distributor(s) to the business.

The more the distributor introduces others to the business, the more rewards he earns with some of the topmost rewards being a house or a car or its money equivalent.

Mr. Adonu expressed the hope that the multi-level marketing system adopted by his company reduce the high unemployment rate government is currently saddled with.

“Government is relentlessly doing everything possible to create more jobs but for how long shall we leave the entire burden on government to earn a living?” he asked.

He added that the mightiest tools any individual possess is his thought thus, it is important for individuals to focus on what their aims are in life. Citing the growth of his chain of businesses as an example, Mr. Adonu he had a vision of establishing 72 companies while in the thick walls of the Ankaful prisons and to date he has managed to bring to light 29 of such companies with the latest being the USBMNL.