View Full Version : Actress Juliet Ibrahim To Launch Foundation On December 26

15th December 2011, 01:28 AM
The Juliet Ibrahim Foundation will have its launch on the 26th December 2011. Gracing the occasion’s red carpet are members of the Ghana-Nigeria film acting fraternity, footballers, as well as other famous celebrities from various industries in Ghana abroad.


JULIET IBRAHIM FOUNDATION is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focused on creating awareness on kidney cancer and providing necessary interventions to ensure a society free of such issues in Ghana and Africa at large.

The foundation is founded by the award winning and celebrated Ghanaian actress JULIET IBRAHIM in her bid to give back to society and be socially responsible. This choice was however motivated and inspired after having a personal experience with this live threatening disease by way of a very close relative.

1. The long term goal of JIF is to build a state of the art kidney center for a better
management of people with renal conditions/kidney diseases.

2. To sensitize and educate people on cancers and its effects on the Ghanaian society.

3. To provide funds and necessary assistance to people with kidney cancer but cannot afford its management.

4. To collate funds to support hospitals and medical centers that manages kidney

5. To serve as an advocate organization for awareness creation, education and promoting healthy life styles to avoid kidney failures.
We hope the Juliet Ibrahim foundation can count on your support in the bid to create a kidney cancer free environment in Ghana and Africa at large.