View Full Version : Bandex: My Son Deserves Ghana Movie Awards Nomination

14th December 2011, 03:01 PM
Ahmed Banda, popularly known as Bandex, the father of Ghana’s exceptional child star Rahim Banda, has reacted to critics’ argument that his son should not have been nominated in the category he found himself on this year’s Ghana Movie Awards (GMA)’s nomination list.

Rahim, 11, was nominated for his role in Bandex’s movie titled, ‘Behind The Mask’, for Best Actor In Leading Role category, alongside top actor Majid Michel, Van Vicker, Chris Attoh and Samuel Ofori.
But critics say Best Child Actor category should have been created for Rahim and other children to compete.

However, Bandex thinks otherwise because, according to him, his son had done what adults did. “That is why you are here to watch the movie. If a child did what a grown up person can do, which category do you want them to put that child?

Ahmed Banda

I don’t think it is wrong to put him in a lead role. I won’t say he did well, maybe you will say he did well because as I said no one can say I have given birth to an ugly baby child. Everybody’s baby is a bouncing baby. So if you asked me, I will say the movie is excellent.
So it is up to you to describe how the movie is and put the movie into the position that you feel to put it,” he told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview.

“Even getting the nomination is an honour. One should not go beyond this and say I am eager to go and get the crown. The nomination is good for me.

I can say this is the first time you see a child like him nominated in a lead role among top actors like Majid Michel and co,” he added.
Last Friday, Bandex premiered ‘Behind The Mask’ which stars Nadia Buari, Kalsume Sinare, Prince David Osei and a number of others at the Glow Lamp International School where Rahim schools.

Pupils of the school were given the opportunity to see the movie before it officially comes out. Bandex said his son requested that he premier the movie in his school for his mates and teachers.
The children screamed at some of the exciting performances Rahim put up in the movie.

Some of them who spoke to NEWS-ONE said they wished they got Rahim’s opportunity. Bandex however claims he doesn’t force his son to act if he does not want to. “I don’t want to control him. He will decide what to do. Even now, I don’t control him. He is having a script now and he is not ready to do it because he is always in the house playing games.

So I don’t stretch him to what I want as far shooting movies are concerned. He has the script and in his own time he will decide to shoot.” Also considering what fame could do to a boy like Rahim, Bandex said, “I am giving him a different exposure that will not make him feel like he is a star.

You are aware he started 2 years ago and he is still who he is; like his father. I don’t brag and there is no way I will allow my son do that. I always advice him that he is not a star, so don’t try to be like a star. I always advice him to do positive things and not let fame get to his head.”