View Full Version : Music video producers scheme to combat ambush marketing

14th December 2011, 12:37 AM
Producers and marketers of audio-visual materials are establishing a price control taskforce as a mechanism to combat what they term as ‘ambush marketing’ by some distributors.

They want to set standards for the distribution of products to curb “the huge price war”, which according to a spokesperson is negatively impacting on the business.

Samuel Agyei Frimpong of AF Samuel Production says a local regulatory framework for pricing is essential in sanitizing the industry.

“Some people come out with products and then they set prices very low as it were to outwit other distributors. But if you have an industry which you don’t have any price regulatory body to control it, everybody can do whatever he or she likes,” he stated.

Mr. Frimpong says a price adjustment has become necessary in the interest of the business, stating that a new pricing regime for locally produced music videos will come to force by January 2012.

“The cost of production per video is so high”, he noted. “So those of us who are producing videos are going to distribute the videos to the distributors at Gh¢2.00 [currently selling between Gh¢1.60 and Gh¢1.80]… and the distributors will decide what to sell theirs [to the retailers].

The group is yet to come up with modalities for the enforcement of the new pricing scheme.

The spokesperson however anticipates the taskforce will begin operations from the Ashanti region and get other producers in parts of the country to join in.