View Full Version : Girl, 3, killed for ‘juju’

The Informer
13th December 2011, 09:56 PM
A three-year-old girl has been killed for alleged voodoo purposes, known in local parlance as ‘juju’, at ‘Akoko Specks’ in Abrepo, a suburb of Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital.

The body of the young girl, known as Akosua, a twin who got missing three days ago, was found lying in a bush of an uncompleted building close to her house.
Certain vital parts of the innocent girl including her ------ and some parts inside her mouth have been removed by her killers who are still on the run.


This has therefore heightened suspicion among residents of the area that the young girl was killed for ritual purposes.

Narrating the whole episode to Daily Guide, Amofaratus, an eye witness said the mother of the young girl died recently at the USA so the girl and her twin brother were living with their aunt.

He said on Friday, the aunt took the deceased to a salon close to their house to braid her hair, but upon arrival, the hairdresser was fixing a weave-on for another person.

The aunt therefore left the girl at the salon to wait so that she would be attended to by the hairdresser latter on.

After sitting in the salon for some time, the young girl went out to urinate and never returned, Amofaratus told the Daily Guide.

An announcement of the missing girl was immediately carried on radio stations throughout Kumasi but the girl was not found until her body was found lying in a bush close to her house on Sunday morning.