View Full Version : Chris Martin: Lady Gaga is better writer than me

13th December 2011, 01:13 PM
Chris Martin has paid tribute to Lady Gaga's pop prowess admitting she writes a better chorus than him.

The Coldplay frontman met the singer at Children In Need Rocks in Manchester last month and was bowled over by her.

Speaking before his band's X Factor final performance at Wembley Arena Sunday night, he said he was a huge fan of Gaga.

Chris Martin

He said: "She's very sweet. I think what undercuts it all, though, is that she's talented and she writes everything.

"I just admire all of the hats and the dresses and the madness and everything because I know that underneath it all she can beat me at writing choruses."

Last week Bizarre revealed Brits bosses are lining up the first live performance in February of Princess Of China, a duet with Rihanna from Coldplay's new hit album Mylo Xyloto.

Speaking on my Xfm show yesterday, Chris added: "I'd like to but she's got her choice of everybody, so it depends on where we come on her list."

The band played a huge charity gig at the O2 on Saturday night, with comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan joining them onstage.

But their regular showbiz guest Simon Pegg couldn't make it.

Chris explained: "Simon was invited but he was on a plane with Tom Cruise doing Mission Impossible 4 so he said no. He said, 'I'm better than that now.'"

The band have had a mental year, touring all over the world.

Chris added: "I haven't even thought about Christmas it's in two weeks' time."

I'm sure Simon Cowell has had a word with Santa to make sure The X Factor winner's single is in his stocking.