View Full Version : Nana Awere Launches ‘Tales From Different Tails’

11th December 2011, 07:34 PM
The Teachers Hall of the GNAT Complex in Accra over the weekend became a haven for the display and appreciation of creative writing, poetry and satire as celebrated writer, Nana Awere Damoah, launched his new book, ‘Tales from Different Tails’. The ambience in the cute hall was friendly and full of laughs, and brought together people from different sectors including the creative industry, and business. Also present were friends who hitherto the launch were only known virtually (online) through social media platforms, chief being the addictive facebook.

As expected of Nana Awere Damoah, he signaled the start of the launch exactly on time ending the musical interlude by Ken Cabonu. After prelim footnotes usual of functions: opening prayer, welcome address, introduction of chairperson and guest of honour, compere for the night, Theo Aryee, called Nana Asase, a young poet to deliver a piece. Nana Asase awed the audience with fluid delivery of his poem,’ Tongue Tale’.

Afterwards, the launch flowed with an enlightened review of ‘Tales from Different Tails’ by Kwame Gyan before Nana Asase was called again to conclude to render a second part of his ‘Tongue Tale’. Nana Awere Damoah then took centre stage and gave an entertaining read of his book, ‘Tales from Different Tails’. He picked two stories from the book- the thrilling ‘October Rush’ and captivating ‘Face to Face- Trotro Palaver’- and drew laughs, applause and admiration from patrons.

Later, ‘Tales from Different Tails’ was ceremonially launched by the guest of honor, Mr. Charles Cofie, who bought the first book for $1000 during the grand auction conducted by Bernice Natue. But before the auction, another masterpiece of a poem was delivered by Rhymesonny and then his colleague, Archiebold Acheampong, impressed with appellations in Akwapim twi about the writer, Nana Awere Damoah and his book. More copies of the book were purchased before the launch was brought to an end paving way for refreshment, chats and book signing. Nana Awere Damoah, a former President of celebrated Ghanaian gospel music group, Joyful Way Incorporated, is a chemical engineer who works with Unilever West Africa but has writing as a strong passion. He has two books to his credit: ‘Excursion in My Mind’ and ‘Through the Gates of Thought’.

‘Tales from Different Tails’ comes to add as his third book. It is a collection of 8 (eight) carefully woven stories that are presented in a creative fashion which intricately paint a picture of the very heartbeat of Ghanaian society and culture along the lines of humour and satire. The book has received enviable comments from literary giants and monuments from different parts of the world making it a must-read. It is already available in all major bookshops in Ghana and still making inroads into other outlets. However, electronic fomats can be purchased on amazon.com.