View Full Version : Afia Siriboe on X'mas Day

10th December 2011, 03:40 PM
Perhaps there is no other “politician” who would dare kick off a political campaign on Christmas Day and get away with it than Afia Siriboe.

A little over four years ago, she went through a similar campaign and in the end got everyone laughing at everyone over the actions and inactions of politicians at a time when the political temperature in the country was supposed to be at its highest.

Well, Afia is back in the race.


Like Nana Addo, the NPP candidate for the presidential race, it is Afia's last chance to be president and she is bent on winning at all cost.

KSM, the man in the clothes of Afia Siriboe says that playing the woman politician character has been “my most challenging and fascinating role.”

He explained to Showbiz, “challenging because I have to go into and stay in character as a woman for over 75 minutes, and fascinating because 'she', without a doubt is the most adored and admired of all the characters I have created.

“Afia is the perfect vehicle for defusing the childish pre-election political tensions in the country. She gives me the opportunity to pick the seemingly explosive issues and poke fun at them.

“In the end, we are all able to laugh at our own feibles, neutralised the tension and move on for a peaceful Ghana”.

Some three years ago when KSM announced that he was retiring from the stage, many people, including this writer, found the announcement rather usual. Indeed he was told in the face:
“KSM, you're bluffing”.

Indeed he was, because a few months later, he had rescinded the retirement decision and was himself describing it as “premature and immature”. Since then he has been living up to his name as the King of Comedy.

KSM broke onto the Ghanaian comedy scene in 1997 with his hit stage show, The Saga of the Returnee. Following his success on stage, it was only a matter of time for the outspoken satirist to do a show called 'Politically Incorrect'.

According to one writer, the prolific and gifted writer cum producer has over the years captivated audiences with his one-man plays in Ghana and beyond. To describe his showing as fantastic is surely an understatement. His ever increasing audience is of diverse backgrounds from politicians, technocrats to other professionals.

The uniqueness of his performances lies in his ability to get people thrilled all night as they laugh II at themselves.