View Full Version : Kwami Sefa Kayi & Abeiku Under Pressure!!!

9th December 2011, 12:16 PM
Two key broadcast journalists working for the Despite Group of Companies are currently under pressure as owners and agents of radio stations are bent on poaching them with mouth-watering offers, News-One has gathered.

Kwami Sefa-Kayi, host of the ‘Kokrokoo Morning Show’ on Peace FM and Abeiku Santana, host of Okay FM’s afternoon drive time show, ‘Ekwan So Dwodwo’, have become hotcakes in the broadcasting industry and are under intense pressure from lobbyists working to woo them to other stations.

'Chairman' Sefa Kayi

Reports say agents of a particular radio station in Accra have approached Abeiku and offered him a mansion at Trassaco Valley in addition to a huge poaching fee on condition that he would move to a Kumasi-based radio station.

Kwami Sefa Kayi is also reported to have been promised shares in a particular radio station if he agrees to quit Peace FM. News-One’s checks revealed that though the two journalists have been under pressure from the poaching agents, the pressure on them increased after Peace FM and Okay FM emerged as the most listened to radio stations in a survey conducted by Synovate, an international market research organization with offices in some 80 countries worldwide.

Sources close to the two journalists said they did not have plans of leaving the Despite Group of Companies anytime soon.

Though the two stations have a lot of interesting programmes, Sefa Kayi’s ‘Kokrookoo Morning Show’ and Abeiku’s ‘Ekwan So Dwodwo’ are clearly the most listened to shows for the respective stations.
The research into which radio stations in Ghana have the largest listening audience is conducted by Synovate frequently and it has emerged that within the Greater Accra region, Peace Fm and Okay Fm have consistently topped the chart with landslide margins.

Abeiku Santana

In the first week of September for instance, the research results illustrated in a pie chart form showed that Peace Fm’s share of listening was 28 percent while Okay followed with 18 percent. Oman followed with 9 percent, Joy with 8 percent, Adom with 4 percent and Asempa with 3 percent.

In the second week of September, Peace Fm still led the survey with 33 percent while Okay followed with 12 percent. Oman trailed with 8 percent, Adom with 6 percent, Joy with 5 percent and Happy with 4 percent.

By the third week, Peace Fm was still leading with 32 percent while Okay Fm followed with 13 percent. Oman Fm and Adom Fm followed with 7 percent each and Joy Fm with 5 percent.

In the fourth week, Peace Fm was still leading with 30 percent, Okay with 11 percent, Adom and Oman pairing at 6 percent each, and Joy still maintaining its 5 percent ratio.

Source: News one